Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's time to visit the Yadkin Valley.

The Yadkin Valley Wine Festival is almost here!  The annual event is a huge draw for people to enjoy the sun, music and WINE made famous in the Yadkin Valley.  The Yadkin Valley Craft Guild shop will be open.   A special sale of fine and heritage crafts is going on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, May 17-19, 2012.  AND,  you can buy raffle tickets until the last minute on May 19th to support the Guild! Come see the gifts donated for your pleasure.

Meanwhile, check out the gateways into the Yadkin Valley at the Yadkin Valley Heritage Corridor. The new website is GREAT!!!  Full of maps, you can open the wineries and see them on the map. Then open historic and cultural sites and plan your visit!!  If you like outdoor recreation and history, then click recreation onto the map and then click the historical and cultural sites.  You'll be mountain biking the historic Overmountain Victory National HistoricTrail in a heartbeat.  Even the park service has a new website.

Hope we see you this week!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

AAWS has a new director, Piers Clarkson

The Yadkin Valley Craft Guild is looking for interns this summer.   We have several projects which would benefit from your attention for the 10 weeks of summer in exchange for college credit.  If your school would arrange for your internship, we can put you to work as art, communication, business or travel and tourism majors.  Check out our website(s), facebook, twitter, here at the blog and if you think your major would also accept our guidence in your internship,  do not hesitate to suggest a different course of study.  We will find some way to help you and benefit the Guild.

Meanwhile in my asset mapping project, I have found this...don't miss the Associated Artists of Winston -Salem's Spring for Art Gala on May 18th.  You can meet the new executive director Piers Clarkson and have a grand time.   I love Galas... sigh