Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Google called today to offer Help!! (The Beatles were really powerful poets.)

Yesterday, I was singing the blues and the Beatles crying for help. Google called the Guild today offering help!  Isn't that cool?

If you remember about nine months ago when we started this process of e-commerce we experimented with Google Ad Words.  We were relatively successful in that the ad showed up.  I received about 1000 looks over the course of the experiment.

Searches linked to the Yadkin Valley wineries brought in hits to our old website, but not many buyers (obviously since there was no shopping cart!!)  Still, it didn't cost very much and activity was evident.

Google wants to help us design Ad word campaigns free for 30 days.  Nationwide searching for our crafts as subjects or keywords, the account rep expected us to reach 1500 clicks a day, not looks, but clicks.  IF there is product on the pages, then clicks will transfer into on-line sales.

If only 4 of 1500 people purchased products every day, we would likely double our income every month.  That is only 0.26666666666666666666667 % of the people who actually come to the website and read up on the artists, wineries and things to do in the Yadkin River watershed.

But clicks cost money.  I only offered a nickel per click in my experiment.  Google suggested $2.50 per click and decided we would need about $5000/month for the two campaigns. (Swallow very hard) When I got back off the floor, I asked him to call us back in a month.

So I've been thinking.  Of course, the rep can't guarantee the rate of buying after the click (will even 4 out of 1500 buy?) and we would need to sell to considerably more of the 1500 people per day to account for the $5000 charge, shipping, handling, manning the website and producing the art...

Still, if we consider Google as a volunteer artist getting a break in fees to run the Gallery Shop, then it really costs us less than it does now to make sale.

We can gather the stats of how many people actually walk into the shop now and how many buy.  What if we applied that percentage, divided it by 10 to be conservative, and estimated how many people would purchase something from us with that.  It will be more than 1 of every 300 people for sure.

So, if we spend $5000 to make $6,000 (after taxes and trouble)  would that be a great thing? Of course the taxing authorities would make more and that would be great for our communities.  Tourism and promotion will probably benefit and that is a great thing for those businesses, and ARTISTS would certainly make more and that is the point isn't it

Google, you take my breath away.  Here, help me up.

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