Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Real Value

Real Value, what is that? Yesterday, the Guild asked active members to reflect on the organization and new website to consider what would be the most ideal relationship between the member and YVCG.

Members can be exhibiting artists, supporters, students, or tourism-minded business and community leaders. Each member has a special relationship. What is it? What is the real value of an 18-county, regional non-profit to your life or to the communities in the Region if you ran the whole thing? What could it be?

Today, this idea of Real Value is explored in comments to an article from Fast Company magazine entitled: For Your Company to Last, The"Brand" Must Die, But Stories Should Survive.

Three keys for moving beyond branding, and into storytelling.
(So, where did this Jaguar ad come from? I could have just typed the title in here, but I used cut and paste. Since the ad has appeared and I can't seem to erase it, we should note that Jaguar has a "Design Your Own Jaguar" link in this ad. Everyone wants to be an artist and that is a good thing.)
Is the real value found with the experience of the art and not in the name or the brand of the artisan? The discussion is lively in Fast Company, so have a look. Click on the title above to go to the article.
We still need gallery photos for the webpage. Despite not being "live", the new website is already showing up in Google Search of the Yadkin Valley or the Yadkin Valley Craft Guild. Our brand is lively! Our art is expected to be lively as well if the purpose of the brand is to assure the communities outside the Yadkin Valley that experiences in the valley will be positive. (Warning! website country-like analogy on the way...) I'm going to have to let this racehorse have his head before he throws me, and then we are in for a ride.

I'm reserving my input for the next board meeting about the ideal relationship between members and the YVCG, but I have an idea I think we should pursue. We usually meet the second Thursday in the Month at 7:00 at the Gallery Store. Meetings are open to members. Please add to the discussion Come to the meeting or submit your brutally frank critiques or exceptionally positive statements about the "ideal relationship of the member and the Guild " to
Title the emails "My opinions" or I'm taking over.

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